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Plesiva Star

Plesiva Star

PLESIVA™ Star is a new systemic insecticide with dual mode of action for use in tomatoes, tobacco, potatoes and other crops against hard to control sucking pests including neonicotinoid resistant whiteflies and lepidoptera pests.


  • Pack size: 500g
  • Composition: 100g/Kg Cyantraniliprole + 500g/Kg Pymetrozine
  • Formulation: Water dispersible granule | WG
  • Shelf life: At least 2 years from date of manufacturing, in original unopened containers stored in a cool dry well ventilated place.
  • Mode of action: Dual mode of action of two different active ingredients gives complementary activity in the control of a wide spectrum of pests in many crops. • Cyantraniliprole belongs to the diamides class of chemistry. Its main primary site of action is on the nerves and muscles acting on the ryanodine receptor modulators. • Pymetrozine acts as chordotonal organ channel modulator acting on the nerve.
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