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Who we are

Synergy Seeds Zambia

Synergy Seeds Zambia is a leading R & D, Breeding, Production, Distribution and Marketing Seed Company offering our growers a wide spectrum of seed products.

We have the right seed for both local and export markets and carry the newest maize hybrids, wheat and soya bean varieties to keep you at the top of the yield curve.

Our sales agronomists are experts with valuable experience managing the crop.

At SynergySeeds, we strive to be a company like no other. We are proud of our strategic partnerships with world-class organizations through which we source leading technologies and genetics.

We are passionate about delivering solutions that help keep your business profitable while backing them with knowledge and experience.

The Zambian Ag industry has undergone significant change as consolidation continues and the number of choices declines, and we are proud to play in this competitive space as a wholly owned local Zambian business.

Meet our experts
Henry Clements
Senior Vegan Farmer
Dennis Abraham
Organic Farm Expert
Erick Clark
Vegan Farm Expert
Jack Laramska
Farm Director
Synergy SY5054 Early Maturity Seed. High yielding with wide adaptation in Zambia.
We provide seed solutions that meet the needs and expectations of growers and customers. We breed, produce, and market seeds we believe in.
Call the Technical Helpline for guidance on using LUMAX +260 967 624 634
Our registered office is located in Lusaka, 5255 Mukwa Rd.

Services We Offer?


Our flagship portfolio comprise Maize Hybrids, Soya Beans, Wheat and Vegetable seed solutions delivering value for cultivation.

Crop Protection

We provide crop input solutions to Zambian farmers through the Syngenta brand of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.

More About Us

Our Culture

We foster a professional and welcoming environment built on passion, energy and performance. We act with integrity, always.

Our Purpose

To engage our growers, customers and suppliers as partners. To provide innovative seed solutions, crop protection chemicals and industry leading service that keeps our growers on top of the yield curve.

To encourage and support the growth of our growers/farmers in every way.

Synergy Mission

To inspire and nurture our growers, by making farmlands work for them, through the power of creative minds and innovative technologies that delivers sustainable agricultural solutions that keep farmers on top of the yield curve.

Synergy Vision

To be Africa’s #1 farmer-centric Seed company.

Partners who share their knowledge and experience in agriculture