Synergy Seeds Zambia
Transforming Agriculture Together
Sustainability and Climate Change

Our agricultural background means we’re equally at home meeting face-to-face with farmers as we are engaging.

At the same time, we have never had better know-how and solutions available to avert the crisis and create opportunities for a better life for people all over the world.

Advice and farm implement

Our advice is underpinned by our leading edge research on crop and animal production, soil and water resources, and sustainable land use.

Research and advice supports our clients in delivering profitable and efficient farm businesses, meeting ever more demanding market.

Reclaiming People Power

We have strong connections to local markets where, along with investment in innovation and infrastructure, we continue to grow our presence.

We succeed in our markets by bringing distinct seed choices that deliver performance and value. By design, our success is deeply rooted within your success; the two are intertwined and grow together.

Distinct By Design

We are proud of our strategic partnerships with world-class organizations through which we source leading technologies and genetics.

We are passionate about delivering solutions that help keep your business profitable while backing them with knowledge and experience.

Farm Economy In Crisis

The Zambian Agriculture industry has undergone significant change as consolidation continues and the number of choices declines, and we are proud to play in this competitive space as a wholly owned local Zambian business.