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Miravis Duo

Miravis Duo

A suspension concentrate systemic fungicide for the preventative control of foliar diseases in various crops. It combines the action of a new active substance Adepidyn™ with Difenconazole. New A.I. Adepidyn  has prolonged residual effect, thus the protecting the leaves, delaying senescence and keeping them green for a longer period.

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  • Pack size: 5 Litres
  • Composition: 75g/L Adepidyn™ (Pydiflumetofen) + 125g/L Difenconazole
  • Formulation: Suspension concentrate (= flowable concentrate) | SC
  • Shelf life: At least 2 years from date of manufacturing, in original unopened containers stored in a cool dry well ventilated place.
  • Mode of action: Adepidyn™ (SDHI), blocks the respiratory process • Difenoconazole inhibits ergosterol synthesis of fungi
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