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Herbicide for the selective post-emergence control of annual grasses in wheat and barley.
Plant activator with systemic properties for prevention several infections in tobacco.
A suspension concentrate contact fungicide for the preventive control of diseases in various crops.
Casper 55 WG, is a double mode of action post emergence herbicide which is specialised to control broad range of annual and perennial weeds on Corn and Cereals, which targets to ensure high yield and grain quality
A suspo-emulsion with systemic and preventative properties for control of a wide range of diseases on all commercial varieties of wheat and barley.
Complement® Super is a new generation surfactant based on organo-modified siloxane technology for use in water-based pesticide formulations. Complement® Super is a highly effective non-ionic surfactant / spreader / wetter / penetrant
A Selective post-emergence herbicide against annual and perennial broad-leaf weeds and volunteer soya-beans
A selective pre-emergence herbicide for the control of annual grasses in a number of crops.
ELATUS™ Arc is a broad spectrum fungicide for the control against various fungal diseases in wheat, barley, maize, sweetcorn and soya beans as indicated on application table below.
A selective post-emergence liquid concentrate herbicide for the control of annual broadleaf weeds in soybeans, dry beans, green beans and groundnuts.